Smart Mask Reusable and With an Adjustable Loop Stary Blue, Grey Printed, Purple Haze Smart Swiss Technology Mask Pack of 3 (For Men)

Price: ₹ 399.00 - ₹ 219.00
(as of Nov 02,2020 12:51:22 UTC – Details)

Mask Reusable and With an Adjustable Loop

Two sizes- Multiple sizes address a common complaint among female mask wearers who feel that single-size masks are too large, which defeat the purpose of a snug face covering. The female version of the Smart Mask will ensure a perfect fit for females as well as smaller males and children.
Re-usable- The smart mask is re-usable up to 30 washes, tackling the current issue of disposable masks overwhelming our planet.
100% Cotton- Kinder to your skin than synthetic fabrics, the breathability of cotton means that you can remain effortlessly cool. Cotton has the added benefit of being a naturally hypoallergenic fabric.
Breathable- The Smart Mask has been designed specifically for comfort, ensuring that you can breathe easily and comfortably even while wearing the mask for extended periods of time.

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