5 reasons why Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah is leading the race among daily late-night shows

5 reasons why Comedy Central's Trevor Noah is leading the race among daily late-night shows
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5 reasons why Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah is leading the race among daily late-night shows

No one brings biting wit and global news together quite like the outrageously funny late-night show host Trevor Noah. The South African native started his career as a stand-up comedian, taking over the country’s comedy scene with his nationwide tours selling out within minutes. After becoming a legend in his home ground, Noah packed his bags and headed to the United States, bringing his unique brand of comedy to the international stage. The world watched on with wary eyes when he made his big break taking over the eminent Jon Stewart’s place at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Noah proved everyone wrong by confidently tackling sensitive political topics with his classical satirical take, taking the show to soaring new heights. The rest is history; Noah is now termed as one of 100 most influential people in the world by Time in 2018.

It is essential that you witness him keep it real on his award-winning The Daily Show with Trevor Noah only on Comedy Central India, Tuesday to Friday at 11 PM. Here are some reasons why you cannot miss this epic show.

1. His illustrious comedy career makes his take on global news incredibly unique

From doing stand-up tours across South Africa and the UK to starring in his very own stand-up special, Trevor Noah is a resident expert in eliciting laughs from his audiences. Bringing the same charm to the Daily Show, Noah instantly won hearts across the globe for his astute mockery of bizarre global events. His award winning show is a perfect blend of education and opinion.

2. He was the first South African to turn Daily Show host

Breaking all barriers and bringing diverse representation to the international stage, Noah is the first South African to have become a Daily Show host. He prioritises making his crew and writers including a varied range of ethnicities, nationalities and genders to give their show the diversity other prime time shows sorely lack. Late night shows are a competitive space, and their holistic take, makes them stand out among their numerous competitors.




3. He’s not afraid to talk about controversial topics


Be it Donald Trump’s notorious presidency, police brutality or the Black Lives Matter protests, Trevor Noah holds no bars when discussing these provocative subjects that dominate the news cycle. Noah uses his immense following across social media to express his opinions about the troubled politics that plague the nation. He’s also very vocal about his harrowing experiences with racial discrimination and mental health.


4. He offers a global perspective


Noah uses his outsider perspective as an asset, bringing a refreshing global perspective to his enlightening show. His unique background of growing up in South Africa and spending ample time travelling across the globe gives him an unbiased, straightforward take on American politics. Moreover, he also branches out into discussing global issues with signature sarcastic style.

5. He’s kept up with the turbulent times, creating The Daily Social Distancing Show


There’s never been a time we need responsible news more than in the disastrous times we’re battling in 2020. Transitioning from a full studio production to shooting from his New York apartment was a rough change, but Trevor managed to keep us all informed and entertained throughout troubling lockdown times. Not only did it help keep us all informed about coronavirus, but the show also provided us some comfort by tackling the new problems we all faced in the new normal, from how to dress for Zoom meetings to new home exercise routines.


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